More About Cecilia

I am a, born and raised, Orange County, California girl. In 2011, on a crazy whim, I packed bags, loaded my car and moved to Utah. I had never been there and I didn’t know anyone there other than my best friend and her small family. I ended up living in UT for three years. I know, crazy, right?! Turns, it was the best crazy thing I've ever done. That's when I met my husband, Nathan. After only a year of dating, I gave birth to our first born. Yup, that was crazy too! After having our baby we decided moved back to California. We wanted to continue growing our family and this is where we wanted build our future. Since then, our family has grown quite a bit! We are now a family of 5,  plus two dogs, a cat, quite a few fish and a gecko! 

These days, I spend most of my time raising our three boys and building this amazing photography business. It’s a lot of work but but I have my amazing husband that helps me every step of the way. We do our best to teach our kids to be wise, creative, respectful and loving.  Using those same principles in my business is, what I feel, helps me stand out.

So that’s it! That’s me in a nutshell, but if you’d like to know even more about me, keep scrolling and check out some of my fun facts and favorites. 

Fun Facts


Favorite tv shows:

Favorite Author:

Favorite movies:

Favorite colors:

Favorite desert:

Favorite flower:

New Girl (My most favorite), Schitt's Creek, The Office

P.S. I Love You, The Notebook, Friends with Benefits

Mustard Yellow, and Burnt Orange 

Rocky Road Ice cream

Sunflowers but I also love roses because those are my mom's favorite flowers

When I was 19 I worked as a Starbucks Barista. (Sigh) I sure miss those employee discounts!

Colleen Hoover

did we just become friends?

I got my first tattoo in High School. It is on my leg and it is the largest tattoo on my body.

I am a hopeless romantic! In movies, tv shows or books, I always choose romance. Bonus, if it's a romantic comedy!

I  come from a BIG, loud Mexican family. My grandmother had FIFTEEN children!

I have a fear of the dark. So much that even some Disneyland rides freak me out. 

I prefer tea over coffee. 

If I could live in another era, I'd choose the 50's. The fashion was so cool! I think I've  watched Grease too many times.