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My husband and I have three bright and handsome sons. These boys are my world! Raising three little boys has been......ummm.....a bit crazy! LOL But it is so much fun! Bugs and reptiles,  and oh yeah tons of Avengers and Star Wars movies pretty much sums up my life as a boy mom. 

Becoming a mom is a big part of why I chose to photograph families and maternity for a living. I have an obsession with preserving time.  I'm the kind of person that wants to remember everything good about my life. Especially everything revolving around my children's lives. Everything from before they were born to the their present day. 

I day dream of the days when my kids are grown and have children of their own. I visualize myself and my husband snuggling on a couch with our grandchildren talking, looking at old picture, sharing our memories and reliving the day when we were young. Our hopes would be for them to carry our stories on and some day share them with their own children. 

Now I'm lucky enough to help other families create and capture beautiful memories to share with their children and grandchildren as they grow up!

My first and most important job is being a mom.

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My passion for photography and art started when I was a student in high school. I've never considered myself to be "book smart". I didn't get good grades, I struggled a lot with schoolwork  and I was lucky that I even graduated! I always felt lost and confused. Most of the time I felt like I just wasn't a smart kid. But when it came to being creative in any way, shape or form, I  lived for it and I gave it my all. I remember enrolling into any classes the would allow me to express creativity. I tried so many activities like; dance class, choir, guitar class, drama and art. The one class that really stuck  was photography class. From that point on photography became "my thing".  Being the odd  girl that I am, I would say things like "I want to photograph things that no one looks at as art. I want to photograph things like a street sign and make it look artistic!".  With every single class assignment, I thought about how I could make it different and unique. Sure enough, I turned in some pretty interestingly unique work. After feeling like a failure for so long, I actually started to feel proud of myself. Like I finally had a purpose!

Many years later, after becoming a mom, my photography views and purpose for art had shifted. I started to appreciate photography in a different light, no pun intended lol. I was using my "fancy camera" to capture our family memories. I started to understand why family and maternity photography is so important. Photographs are a tangible legacy that we leave for our children, and our children's children, and so on, and so on. Our pictures and our stories will be passed down to keep our memories alive for many many generations even long after we are gone. 

After a long time of photographing stiffly posed families and maternity sessions, I started to feel like something was missing. I was getting bored of all the same poses, over and over again, session after session. I kept asking myself, "Why am I not in love with these pictures? What is missing?" Suddenly, I realized I didn't feel anything from my images. The people in my images didn't have real smiles or connections. No one  was even looking at each other in the pictures. How could a viewer tell that they even love each other? The ideas and views I had in high school started coming back to me. I started to think about what I used to say " I want to photograph things that no one looks at as art".  Sadly, we think about our normal day to day actions as "boring" and "not interesting". However, the reality is that there is so much unique beauty in everyone and everything we do. Every family acts differently, bonds differently, and loves differently.  You might think that the way you look at your babies is the same as every other mom. But... and I say this lovingly, you are wrong! To your children no one in the world  can look at them the way you do! We were made to think that simple poses and cheesy smiles are what we want to remember when we get our pictures taken. But what we really want is to capture  our personalities as they are and as they change with every chapter of our lives.  We want to look back at our picture and remember the warm feeling  of holding  our child's hand, or the little details like the sound of moms laugh, or the smell of  dad's cologne. Those are the memories worth holding onto. 

 These days  I like to focus on what the viewers will feel when they look at their pictures. I've started breaking the rules of portrait photography. I'm coloring outside of the lines, so to speak. I no longer care to make each image look perfectly staged. I don't care if someone's head is cropped out of the picture, as long as it is with the intention of capturing mom's hand softly resting on her babies back. If no one is looking at the camera, that's even better! It means everyone is too busy making memories to even remember that I'm taking their pictures. It is so moving to capture the perfectly imperfect moments that naturally unfolds before me.

Anyone can take a picture but it takes a certain kind of  vision to document the everyday norms and make it art. 

My journey began at a time when I felt lost and confused.

Amazing is an understatement! Cecilia’s work is absolutely stunning! Thank you again for these memorable photos!


" Wow, You're Amazing!"

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