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First Time Parents Irvine Maternity Session

For many reasons this Irvine Maternity Session is going to be one of our most memorable ones yet. 

This photo shoot was quite different from all our others. Just one week prior to their scheduled photo session, the world was receiving some very scary and life changing news. A new pandemic was spreading and causing a lot of panic all around us. We were faced with one big question; “DO WE CANCEL THEIR PHOTO SESSION?”. Rescheduling was out of the question because Maria was already so close to her due date. I just kept thinking, this is their first baby, their first step to creating a family, the last time it will just be the two of them. Something that was at the top of my mind was one of my previous posts, Why Maternity Sessions Are So Meaningful. We just couldn’t cancel! We couldn’t let this once in a lifetime moment for Maria and Roger slip away. We decided to make it happen and make it as safe as possible for all of us, especially for Maria. 

When Nathan and I greeted Maria and Roger at their car, it was so hard to keep myself from hugging them. Yes, I am a hugger =)! I mean not even a handshake would be safe! Aside from keeping a safe social distance the rest of the session couldn’t have gone any better than it did. 

Nathan and I can’t get over how much fun we had with Maria and Roger. As soon as they stepped out of their car, with in seconds after saying hello, we were laughing and feeling like we’ve been friends for years. No joke these two had laughs and smiles that were so contagious. 

Watching Maria and Roger’s faces light up every time they talk about their baby was so heartwarming.

One of our favorite moments from the time we spent with Maria and Roger was how cute they were when we asked them what they would name their baby boy. They giggled and looked at each other almost as if they were shy about it. They said they still hadn’t decided. Maria explained that she wanted to wait until she saw her baby for the first time and that would decide what their baby would be named. Roger just smiled at Maira as if to say “What ever you decide I’m all for it”. I could just tell that they are going to be so happy and they are going to be amazing parents.



First Time Parents Irvine Maternity Session

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