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5 Reasons To Book a Maternity Session

Maternity mother cradling her baby

What is a Maternity Session? Why do you need a Maternity Session? Is a Maternity Session really worth it?

Whether you’re having the greatest time of your life and glowing from head to toe. Or whether you’re having a not so great time and wondering how women can go through pregnancy multiple times in their life. Motherhood and maternity is beautiful! No matter what kind of pregnancy you experience, you’ll always feel joy when you think back to when you carried your baby in your womb. Photographs have a funny way of bringing back all of those warm and fuzzy feelings.

Many expecting moms don’t feel very comfortable in their pregnant bodies. Back aches, swollen feet, extra weight and so much more. Trust me girl, I feel your pain. I’ve been there 3 times. Let me give you my top 5 reasons why, even though you might not be feeling like your best self, you should book a Maternity Session.

#1. Your body is doing something amazing!

You are growing a real life human being! You heart is literally beating for two. For some women this is a miracle they have been praying for, for a long time. Now that is something worth documenting!

#2. This is piece of your legacy.

These pictures are going to be passed down to many generations. They are for your children and your children’s children and so on. To have pictures of where it all began is priceless.

#3. Your family is about to change.

This might be your first baby or maybe this is your 5th baby. In any case your family is about to look very different. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a few pictures of your family before the newest arrival?

#4. Every pregnancy is different.

As a mom you’ll want to remember what it was like to carry your little ones. Each pregnancy is unique. There are no two that are the same so having memories of each one is always fun.

#5. Because you are a Goddess!

You are gorgeous! You deserve pictures that capture how powerful and beautiful you are right now! Treat yourself because you are doing an amazing job!

Please enjoy this session we created with the lovely Alissa and her husband Jose. They were expecting their first baby, Stefan. This session was filled with laughs and smiles. Alissa and Jose were so natural at showing the camera how much they love each other.

Mother cradling her baby in the womb
Maternity couple kissing
Maternity couple
Maternity baby bump
Pregnant woman and her husband standing face to face
Maternity, Couple standing in golden light



5 Reasons To Book a Maternity Session

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