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Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to our very first blog!

Welcome to our very first blog! My husband Nathan and I have been working very hard on our new website featuring all things family and maternity photography. As an added  bonus we have started this blog. 

My name is Cecilia Perez. I am an Orange county family and maternity photographer. If you’d like to get to know me and my work a little better here is a link to my About page. I hope you’ll find some things in common because I really love making new friends! 

Even though my three boys are still so young I already feel like the time has flown by too quickly. My 6 year old is already telling me he doesn’t want me to hold his hand while we walk to the bus stop every morning! What?! Where has my baby gone? They truly grow up so fast.  I feel that starting this blog will help me preserve my children’s youth. I want to document more of our journey while also sharing the journeys of so many other families just like ours. Photographing moms and their families is so important because I know what it’s like to do life with the beautiful chaos that children bring. I know that life gets busy. But if we just hit pause, live in the moment, breath in our children and snap a few pictures while we’re at it. That is the magic of photography! We can alway come back to that moment. We can almost smell the air that surrounded and hugged us during that precious moment. 

So thank you for taking the time to read our very first blog post and if you liked this one than stick around and to read more of life’s most precious moments from my family to yours. Please enjoy these few pictures from past families that we’ve had the privilege to capture. Enjoy! 

A family of three. Little girl looks at the camera while her mom and dad look at her.
A family of three stand on the sandy beach watching a wave crash onto rocks.



Welcome to our very first blog!

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